Monday, August 31, 2009

Photography Class: Assignment 2 - Motion

Oh so belated in posting this, but I wanted to finish before I get to photos of all the other fun stuff I've done this summer.

My second photography class was about motion, and how changing your shutter speed and aperture (the amount of light you let in) affects motion. The first part of the assignment was to take photos of passing cars in bright daylight, keeping the camera still, and changing the exposure incrementally.

F/5.6@1/1000 sec

f/8@1/500 sec

f/11@1/250 sec

f/16@1/125 sec

f/22@1/60 sec

So since the camera was on a tripod, the background stayed the same throughout. But as the exposure time was lengthened, the movement of the cars with the longer time lapse created a more blurred effect.

The second part of the assignment was to take pictures of another set of passing cars, this time in lower light and panning the camera with the cars to try to time the camera movement and car movement to be as close as possible.

f/2.8@1/125 sec

f/4@1/60 sec

f/5.6@1/30 sec

f/8@1/15 sec

f/11@1/8 sec

f/16@1/4 sec

f/22@1/2 sec

So theoretically since I'm moving the camera with the cars, with this photo group the cars should be in focus while the background gets blurrier. That pretty much happened in the beginning, but as the light got darker and the exposures got longer, it all turned pretty blurry. But this was a fun assignment and got me very familiar with my manual settings and doing a little bit of math, both of which are good.


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