Monday, August 31, 2009

Photography Class: Assignment 3 - Light and ISO

Our third photography assignment was to experiment with high ISO for our photos, and to take pictures in low, bright, and mixed lighting to see what the effects were and how to expose for each. All of these were taken at ISO 3200 on a 50 mm lens.

Bright light through my bathroom window:

f/22@1/1000 sec

f/22@1/400 sec

Softer, mixed light in my bedroom:

f/8@1/400 sec

f/4@1/400 sec

f/4@1/500 sec - Emma snuck into this photo, but snuck out of the room before I could adjust the aperture.

Low light:

f/1.8@1/50 sec

f/1.8@1/50 sec

same shot, blown up a lot to show the digital noise or grain that happens with high ISOs. Definitely my favorite shot for this assignment.


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